Previously hosted official ARMA 3 Battle Royale, Epoch and Exile Servers between October 2014 and September 2015.

With a succesful background in hosting a popular and feature-rich ARMA 2 Epoch server, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to assist with ARMA 3 Epoch development and with high interest from our existing community we started hosting an ARMA 3 Epoch server upon official release. As Official hosts we provided critical feedback to the Epoch development team and occasionally working directly with Bohemia Interactive to provide research and resolve underlying issues with their windows server software.

In October 2014, as a fan of the Battle Royale Mod, one of our community founders reached out to PLAYERUNKNOWN with the offer of dedicated server resources to provide more availability for players, this extended to server and in-game administration as well as liasing with popular Twitch streamers to provide servers for their recurring private subscriber use. By December 2014 we were then hosting just under 50% of the Battle Royale servers as well as exclusively hosting the Battle Royale Ghost Hotel version which went on to win the MAKE ARMA NOT WAR competition hosted by Bohemia Interactive.